WWII Program Enjoyed by Many

September 14th saw WWII revisited in Howard Lake. Loren Zander amazed the 150+ people in the audience with his clear recollections of events from over 60 years past. His explanations of the aircraft, bombing runs and life on an airbase were fascinating.



Photos on display showed airbase accommodations and the aftermath of an attack by Japanese fighters. Zander had many pieces of memorabilia, as well as his medals and uniforms, on display. He spoke for over an hour, and then entertained questions from the audience.



The second part of the WWII program involved the 40′ Bus-eum with a theme of German POWS “Held in the Heartland”. Many lined up to view the exhibit.






The Friends send their thanks to all who made this program so successful: St. James Lutheran School, Dennis Entinger, the Herald-Journal and many, many more.

Photos by Diane Schaible.