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Martha Speaks Event Well Attended

Attendees at the Martha Speaks event on Saturday February 18th were in no hurry to leave. After being welcomed with the story of how Martha the dog  found her voice, the craft tables stayed busy the entire time. The children eagerly made  bracelets, dog puppets, dog ears headbands and dog bone shaped book marks.  They tested their noses with a sniff test and could also color dog related pictures.  Martha Speaks DVDs were available to watch and an internet connection was provided to the Martha games website.  Drawings were held for various Martha books and Martha soups.  Refreshments were available.

The stars of the day were of course canines Penny and Jerry.  The dogs enjoyed the many stories read to them.  Our sincere thanks to Jerry, Penny and their people for sharing the day with us.

Click on the thumbnails provided so see some of the activities.

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